My name is Heather Henry and I currently work as a Program Coordinator for The Magdalen House (“Maggie’s”). It is no coincidence that I am also an alumna of the 14-day Social Detox Program. When facing my darkest days and feeling truly alone and hopeless, I chose Maggie’s to help me. At the time, all I knew was I needed help and wanted to get sober. What I found was a group of women who lived the pain I was feeling, wanted what I wanted, and were making an effort to win the same fight. I made friends, had “teachers” explain to me that I had an illness, and mentors to hold my hand as I struggled to do the next right thing. I no longer felt alone. I felt happy, I felt peace, I felt a strength that I didn’t know I could feel. The women that surrounded me and our bond around a common solution gave me this special energy. It was the beginning of the spiritual experience that I am so blessed to have today. This is Social Detox.

The beauty of the Social Detox Program at Maggie’s is that it doesn’t end. Those who attain the gift of sobriety and the miracles that come with it become the embracing warmth of support and pillars of strength for those feeling lost and alone. My ongoing success with the program of recovery depends on my role encouraging others. The most important part of getting sober was the voice and ears of other women; and the greatest joy I continue to feel is when I share my story and see hope in the eyes of other women.

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