Written by Taylor Stokes, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Betty is another beautiful testimony of one of our ladies who came through the house and never left! She’s always so bright and willing to do whatever it takes to help! She’s never afraid to say YES, to step in to fill any of the holes in our volunteer schedule. We couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Betty! We love you so much!

Betty La Four + Maggie’s =❤️

Betty started volunteering:

In February 2019! Congrats on one year of service, Betty!

She has donated a total of:

539 hours which totals out to be $13,000 in monetary donations! That means Betty has put 9 women through our Social Detox program. WOW!!!

You can usually find her:

At the front desk or at the table in the meeting room sharing her experience, strength, and hope with another woman!

I’ve never seen her without:

COFFEE! Or some kind of cup/travel mug. Girl loves her beverages!

One time she:

Painted a gorgeous back drop that stretched across the whole stage for our anniversary party! It was definitely the staple piece of the party. Her creative talents never cease to amaze us!

My favorite thing about her is:

Her lovely smile and infectious laugh. I always know when she’s here! I can hear that joyful laugh from a mile away!

Maggie’s wouldn’t be the same without her because:

Her creativity and joy is part of what makes Maggie’s shine! From popsicle sticks, to signs and backdrops, to making the front desk a little more homey with her flower pens. Betty’s talents are part of what makes us beautiful!


We are so very grateful for volunteers who donate their time to The Magdalen House. Did you know ONE volunteer hour saves us $29.95?! That means for every 40 hours an individual volunteers, the value created for our organization equals the amount donors give to pay for one woman’s two-week stay through the First Step Program. You are literally paying it forward.

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