Now in its’ 31st year, The Magdalen House continues to be the only facility in North Texas to offer a “no cost” social detox service with continued comprehensive programming to women who want to recover from alcoholism.  What was once the dream of our founders has become the reality; a flourishing community of recovered women and their families.  Even with our impressive growth, we have touched only a fraction of the women and their families affected by alcoholism in North Texas; there is much work to do.

So, in 2015, The Magdalen House and its’ Board of Directors committed to stepping up the agency’s growth plan to increase, at a faster pace, the number of alcoholic women and the families we serve. Focusing on programming, development and operations were key to support this accelerated plan, therefore we launched an aggressive initiative to analyze and improve every area of our agency.  The result was that in 2017, we witnessed unprecedented growth in every area of our programming.  We met every goal that we set for our agency in 2017 and we are on track to beat our projected program and development targets in 2018.

I realize how fortunate I am to be leading The Magdalen House at this moment in its’ history.  What impresses us most—literally, on a daily basis—are the many ways our volunteers, our donors and our board help us change the trajectory of the lives of alcoholic women and their families.

This agency provides a steady and strong voice for more and more women and their families. Together, we are investing in the future of each of these women and in the future of our community.