“Wow, I don’t know what to say. That is so generous for people to donate bricks so that we can still have them. I remember when I was in the house I scanned the wall up and down looking everywhere for any sign to not give up…and I got it.”
– Ariel, Social Detox Alumna who received a sponsored brick

Maggie’s New House – August Highlights

  • Exterior: Painting the siding, trim, and window accents is almost completely finished.
  • Interior: Drywall installation has begun and will be complete in the next week. 
  • Brick Campaign: There’s only a little bit of time to buy and sponsor bricks for the Wall of Hope. Brick sales will close on 8/31!
  • Sneak Peek: Take a tour inside, prior to the drywall placement, with explanations of the space room by room.

August Progress

With painter’s ladders wrapped around the exterior for most of the month of August, a beautiful cream complemented with stark white trim and dark red brick has given the front of the house a total facelift!

Right after filming the walkthrough took place, the construction team started to install drywall. With the addition of walls and ceiling, now more than ever the space is starting to feel more like a house than a construction site! The entire installation process should be done within the next week and once completed, the team will begin to work on restoring the beautiful hardwood floors in the front of the house and placing new ones in the back.

Wall of Hope Brick Campaign

If you haven’t purchased your brick yet, you have until midnight on Monday, August 31 to guarantee your spot on the Wall of Hope! Our new brick wall is meant to honor all who have found freedom in recovery, lost a loved one to alcoholism, or simply believe in the mission of The Magdalen House.

In addition to purchasing a brick for yourself, we also have the option to sponsor a brick to help us ensure that as many alcoholic women who want bricks are afforded the opportunity.

Every woman who participates in our Social Detox program, along with visitors and families, will be reminded by this wall that they are not alone.


Our Wall of Hope Brick Campaign has closed.


More Info

If you are interested in seeing the new space in person or have any questions about the Wall of Hope Brick Campaign, or would like additional information on construction progress, please contact Kate Richter at kate@magdalenhouse.org.

For real-time updates on our fundraising goals, FAQs, the Wall of Hope Brick Campaign, and construction progress, please visit: magdalenhouse.org/newhome

August Snapshots

The Community Room is double the size of our current space and will hold twice as many women for meetings, classes, workshops, and fellowship events like Birthday Night!

On the left is a smaller Social Detox Bedroom and on the right is the Conference/Overnight Office.

The Social Detox Intake Office will be filled with so much light!

Exterior paint is a beautiful cream with bright white accents!


Please consider investing in the biggest milestone in our history by making a gift to The Magdalen House Capital Campaign. No amount is too small!