Renee Rochin first visited The Magdalen House in 2021 as a First Step client. She was in awe of the education she received on the 12-Steps from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous used in our curriculum. Once she completed the program, she moved to Dallas to stay close and get involved with the community.

Before joining Maggie’s staff, she served as a community volunteer at the House, Our Calling, and the 24-Hour Club in Dallas. Through these volunteer experiences, she was inspired and filled with gratitude each time she got the opportunity to help others in the recovery community. She gained valuable friendships and dove right into the community of recovered women. She hopes to help bring a similar experience to all of the volunteers at The Magdalen House.

Renee is a mother of 3 beautiful boys, Briley, Steven, and Hudson. They are the biggest joys of her life.