Newly sober, fresh out of the two-week stay at Maggie’s, my sponsor told me that I had an opportunity to show up differently and be present as a daughter, sister, and friend. That idea sparked hope for the fractured relationships that made up the only inter-personal connections I had left. Thanks to working the steps and staying connected to The Magdalen House, my life looks a lot different today. Today, my brother calls me more than I can answer. My step-father wishes I would visit every weekend. Some relationships were damaged beyond repair, but in their place came acceptance, new relationships, and a fullness that is not dependent on any human connection. Before drinking I always longed for a purpose both professionally and personally. Today, I have both. I am not exactly where I aim to be but that is the purpose of goals. It is not always perfect or easy, but I have absolute faith that the Lord will keep me on a path beyond my wildest imagination as long as I continue to grow.

Thank you, Maggie’s for connecting me with my sponsor and helping me begin a new life.

-Callahan Hall, Alumna