When I walked into Maggie’s I had been reported as a missing person to the Rowlett Police Department and had been completely defeated by alcohol. I wanted to stop but could not and this nightmare was my reality. I had gone missing many times before in my life. This time I wanted it to stop so I could go home and be free. Defeated, I surrendered first to the 14-day Social Detox Program at Maggie’s and I began to see a glimpse of hope and freedom in the lives of the staff and volunteers. I listened and watched very closely. In those first days I became convinced to follow directions and pray. My life began to change with almost every direction and every prayer.

The best part of my life today is bearing witness to others who suffer from the bondage of alcoholism. I get to carry the message to the 24-Hour Club and serve as an overnight volunteer at Maggie’s on Saturday’s. Working the steps with another woman and being willing and available to be helpful whenever God wants to use me is one of the greatest parts of my life today. Thanks to my alcoholism and to the solution I found at Maggie’s I have a better quality of life than I could have ever planned.

-Rozzie Jones, Alumna