When I first walked through the doors of The Magdalen House, I was only 18-years-old. My perception of success in recovery was someone who was able to stop drinking and gather a few years under their belt of sobriety time. I had no idea then, that there was a much better way of life than just stacking up years of sobriety. The last time I went through The Magdalen House I knew in my heart that if I were to maintain any kind of sobriety I had to constantly work with other alcoholic women, as I had never done before.

While helping other women work the 12-Steps, I have discovered a life that is fulfilling. A life filled with so much more than just a life free from alcohol. The success of my recovery is no longer the years I have sober. It is the fact that God constantly is repurposing me and my experiences to help His other children. Through the years I have had times where I have had many sponsees at once and others where I have had none. I’ve learned the success of my recovery is not about my sponsees or my sobriety date, but about the willingness to continuously seek to be helpful and sacrifice my time to do God’s work.

-Sara Stevens, Alumna