Dear Friends of The Magdalen House,

Today we are writing this letter because we, as an organization, know that posting a black square on social media for #blackouttuesday is a small statement that must be followed by action.

We hope that you will read this knowing that it comes from a place of love and prayerful contemplation, with hearts that are open to listening and learning.

Much has happened in the last two weeks. We are heartbroken, we condemn the continued violence against Black and Brown people, and we stand with our sisters and brothers in solidarity.

While police brutality is an issue that must be addressed, it is not the only threat to Black lives in America. The persistence of racism, decades of inequities, and centuries of unequal treatment and trauma threaten Black lives in multiple ways. Well aware of the fact that the disease of alcoholism does not discriminate, we as an organization must do our part to better reach and serve alcoholic women who are Black and who want and need our services.

At The Magdalen House, our mission is to help women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles. That includes all alcoholic women. For years, we have been aware that The Magdalen House, as a whole, has an opportunity to grow in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity in representation from communities of color. While establishing The Magdalen House Inclusion Project in 2019 was a single step in addressing that issue, we recognize that we have so much work to do to see change. We, as an organization, are committed to implementing the following by the end of 2020:

  • Board of Directors:  Actively work to diversify our membership to recruit and include persons of color
  • BOD and Staff: Organizing a training on how to be more inclusive of all races, ethnicities, and cultures as a follow up to last year’s training on how to be inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Programming: Actively seeking out more women of color in recovery to serve as daytime class and meeting chairs, and seeking out more diversified AA groups from our community for evening meetings
  • Auxiliary Groups: Providing additional support to The Magdalen House Inclusion Project, and creating a 3-year strategy with clearly outlined goals

The Magdalen House believes that every alcoholic woman deserves the opportunity to recover, and we will not rest until that vision becomes a reality for all women seeking a solution to their alcoholism.

We ask that you will take a moment to read responses from Gail Manley and Patrice Olootu, our Inclusion Project Chair and Co-Chair, who we are so grateful to partner with on this initiative.

In service to all,

Lisa Kroencke                      Kay Colbert
Executive Director             Board Chair