We are so thrilled with the progress we have seen in just six short months of construction. As we have shared our progress updates with the community, we have had a lot of really great questions come up and wanted to provide answers to some of your questions. If you have additional questions about the campaign, please email Lauren McElroy at lauren@magdalenhouse.org.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maggie’s New House

Is The Magdalen House moving or opening a second location?

We are moving. Our well-loved, well-worn home has become too small and has been subjected to over two decades of wear and tear. Our new, larger home is currently being renovated and we will no longer operate out of our location on Redwood once we have transitioned to the new facility.

When will the transition happen and how will I know that you’ve moved?

We expect to move in early 2021, and we will be making a lot of announcements. While we don’t have all the details right now, we will continue to provide updates via email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why is Maggie’s moving?

We are fortunate to help an increasing number of alcoholic women in need and, as a result, we have outgrown the capacity of our current home. Our Social Detox Program spent most of 2019 on a waitlist and our current meeting space (that facilitates most of our programming) has become too small.

Is The Magdalen House closed right now?

We are OPEN! Our goal has always been to avoid suspension of services. Staying open throughout this transition ensures that alcoholic women in need of free recovery services can utilize our various programs.

What will happen to Maggie’s current home once the Gaston house opens?

It will be sold. Because we own the property outright, we will sell it so that funds may be put back into The Magdalen House. We will miss our loyal and generous neighbors but are excited to keep our programming under one roof.

Will there be any changes in programming?

The only change to our programming is the capacity. What we have been doing has worked for the past 32 years and we plan to continue our same programming in our new home. It is important for us to keep the intimate, family-like environment that our founders created in 1987.

Can I go look at the new house?

Please feel free to drive by! We ask that you do not trespass onto the property as it is an active construction site. Additionally, we won’t know that it is you—so the police will likely be called if our cameras see activity on site. We have recently added a live camera feed to our Capital Campaign page, where you can see real-time progress of construction!

How can I get involved in fundraising?
  • Make a Gift: The easiest way to give is to visit magdalenhouse.org/capital and click the “Donate Now” button, or mail a check with “Capital Campaign” in the memo.
  • Start a Fundraiser: If you feel called to raise funds, we encourage hosting a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser here, or contacting Lauren McElroy, Director of Development, at lauren@magdalenhouse.org to discuss additional options.