As most of you are aware, due to the pandemic, many of our volunteer opportunities have been put on hold. But we know the importance and meaning that volunteering at The Magdalen House has for so many of you, which is why we’ve tried to keep that spirit alive by offering creative ways for you to get involved and stay connected with NEW opportunities!

*indicates for women in recovery, only

3 New Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual Front Desk Coordinator*

This position is responsible for signing in to “host” virtual meetings, monitoring for disruptions during the meeting, posting announcements, taking count of meeting attendees, and recording, as needed. You will arrive 10 minutes before the meeting begins and, if necessary, stay 10 minutes after the meeting ends to greet meeting attendees and help women who are new.

  • When: Daily
  • Time Commitment: One hour and 20 minutes for meetings. Workshops will take up to two hours and 20 minutes, but there are only 1 – 2 slots per month.
  • Requirements: In recovery with at least two weeks of sobriety; brief training before first shift; beginner computer skills; a computer with internet access
  • Note: You will sign up for a specific meeting timeslot based on your availability

Birthday Chip Delivery Driver

When women in recovery celebrate sobriety milestones at our monthly Birthday Night, each celebrant is gifted a “birthday chip;” a small wooden token commemorating their special moment. You will pick up all supplies from The Magdalen House front porch and deliver or mail these to a specific list of women.

  • When: within 7 days after Birthday Night, which occurs on the first Monday of every month
  • Time Commitment: Varies
  • Requirements: Must have your own vehicle; able to navigate with a GPS
  • Note: We try to group deliveries by location, so no one is having to drive all across town! We also have some chips that will be mailed, so you will help with that as well!

Maggie’s Shopper

Sometimes when we have a few items left on our House Needs list we need someone to help pick up groceries and supplies. You will receive a shopping list via email or text, shop at a store that is convenient for you, and deliver to The Magdalen House.

  • When: On-Call
  • Time Commitment: Varies
  • Requirements: Must have own vehicle
  • Note: Please bring your receipt with the items, as you will be reimbursed for expenses

Other Socially Distant Volunteer Opportunities

In case you forgot or just didn’t hear, other volunteer opportunities have been made available over the last five months and are another great way to give back.

Trader Joe’s Grocery Distribution

Every Sunday, we receive a Trader Joe’s grocery donation that we need help picking up from our local Trader Joe’s on Greenville Ave. You will help sort groceries for the House and facilitate the distribution of extras to our community.

  • When: Every Sunday
  • Time Commitment: 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Requirements: Able to commit for one-month; capable of light lifting (10 pounds); must have your own vehicle


We always need recovered alcoholic women who are available for sponsorship to attend meetings and connect with newly sober women. Social Detox clients are encouraged to find a sponsor, meet with their sponsor, and start working on the 12-Steps during their stay.

  • How: See our meeting schedule and join us for a meeting.
  • Requirements: Must be a recovered alcoholic woman who has completed the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Donated Meals

Whether you’re making your famous lasagna, ordering from your favorite restaurant, or picking out ingredients for a recipe you’re providing, every donated meal makes a difference. The ladies in Social Detox are always so appreciative of donated meals.

  • When: Varies
  • Time Requirement: Varies
  • Requirements: Feed 15 people
  • Note: Food should be delivered to The Magdalen House on your scheduled day at your designated time!


Let us know how you want to help!