By Taylor Stokes, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Right now, we all have something we can’t wait to get back to, and for us (especially me), one of those things is seeing our incredible volunteers. There’s just something beautiful about seeing women in recovery show up day after day, week after week to give back to The Magdalen House. Not only are they so essential to our organization, but we get a front-row seat to witnessing God working in their recovery.

With April being Volunteer Appreciation Month and our annual Volunteer Luncheon, we would generally be looking forward to celebrating our Top 25 Volunteers of 2019 in person. Instead, we’re doing things a little different this year (don’t worry, ladies, we will be rescheduling our luncheon), and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

In the meantime, we’d like to take some time to honor some of the women we had the great pleasure of working alongside in 2019.

Fun Facts About Time Donated By Our Top 25 Volunteers of 2019

  • These 25 women served a total of 8,793.5 hours.
  • The number of hours they donated is equal to ~366 days, or one year and one day.
  • Each hour that they donate is worth $25.43 an hour.
  • Together, their service hours amount to a total of $223,618.70 worth of time.
  • This valuable time equals about the amount it costs for 150 women, or 40% of our admissions in 2019, to go through our 14-day Social Detox Program.

How incredible are our volunteers? This entire community is comprised of some of the strongest, most inspiring women we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We could not do what we do without them. The Magdalen House is what it is because of these wonderful ladies. They keep our doors open for the next alcoholic woman in need, and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful.

Top 25 Volunteers of 2019

Thank you to everyone who gives their time serving the women in our programs. Thank you to all the volunteers that inspire us to keep moving forward. And a special thanks to the Top 25 Volunteers of 2019. Next time we see each other, we will embrace and smile and share gratitude for each other’s support and company. Thank you to these beautiful, strong women.

  1. Regina Burns – 984 hours
  2. Bridget Johns – 735 hours
  3. Mary Kate English – 727 hours
  4. Patty Watson – 718.5 hours
  5. Natalie Courie – 607 hours
  6. Dana Rivera – 441 hours
  7. Delaney Peel – 402 hours
  8. Betty La Four – 401.5 hours
  9. Brianna Walker – 398 hours
  10. Prudence Willis – 355 hours
  11. Brittany Arndt – 312.5 ours
  12. Sari Pogorzelski – 280 hours
  13. Sandra Looney – 265 hours
  14. Patrice Olootu – 253 hours
  15. Jessica Carpenter – 248 hours
  16. Callahan Hall – 245 hours
  17. Kourtnee Copeland – 211.5 hours
  18. Margo Cummings – 208.5 hours
  19. Cassandra Harris – 181 hours
  20. Tammie Rutledge – 154 hours
  21. Jessica Montoya – 143 hours
  22. Andrea Mayes – 142.5 hours
  23. Maggie Bates – 135 hours
  24. Nancy McMahon – 129 hours
  25. Taylor Baker – 116.5 hours


We are so very grateful for volunteers who donate their time to The Magdalen House. Did you know ONE volunteer hour saves us $29.95?! That means for every 40 hours an individual volunteers, the value created for our organization equals the amount donors give to pay for one woman’s two-week stay through the First Step Program. You are literally paying it forward.

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